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The CardBus slot is a (PCMCIA v5.0+ Type II; 32-bit) card slot, that is backwards compatible with the older, PC Card (PCMCIA v2.0 Type II; 16-bit) card slots (How can I tell if I have a CardBus Slot?). However, be aware that CardBus cards will not be backward compatible with older, PC Card (PCMCIA Type II; 16-bit) slots (How can I tell if I have a CardBus card?).

CardBus slots will exist in newer ThinkPads, both as Type II and Type III implementations. Type III is double the thickness of Type II, and most Type III implementations can accept two Type II cards.

  • A Type III slot can accept a Type III, Type II or Type I card
  • A Type II slot can accept a Type II or Type I card

Thinkpads manufactured before ~1997-06 can NOT have Cardbus slots (v5.0+, 32-bit), and will have the original PCMCIA Type II (v2.X, 16-bit) PC Card slots; due to timing of the availability of the PCMCIA v5.0 standard.

Linux support

Cardbus adapters are handled by the Linux PCI subsystem as hotplug PCI adapters.

PCMCIA adapters were handled by the older Linux PCMCIA package until the 2.6 kernel, where PCMCIA hotplug is now directly supported.

Models featuring this Technology

(1) Type II slot

(1) Type III slot

(2) Type III slots

(2) Type II, or (1) Type III slot