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Hi, I've tested IEEE1394 and it is working getting a video from a dv cam. I've followed the istructions in this thread : "9) Add your username (the person who will be logged in and doing the Video Capturing) to the group "disk".

To do this, click System -> Administration -> Users and Groups

Click the appropriate username, then click the Properties button, in the new window called "User Properties", click the Group tab.

Locate disk in the list and put a tick next to it. Now click ok, and close the "User Manager".

10) Open a terminal and type;

sudo gedit /etc/rc.local add the following line of text to it and save then close the file. /sbin/modprobe raw1394

Now type;

sudo modprobe raw1394 then sudo chown "the username concerned" /dev/raw1394

Now restart your computer and get on with it! heh :popcorn:"

In this way I can register video with Kino. I don't know if I can modify wiki page. Let me know.