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Hi. Regarding this card (73P4301), it has been stated on IBM/Lenovo's parts sales page that it is indeed compatible with the Thinkpad X31 series (2672/73, 2884/85), so I would say that the X31 should be included in the last of machines that this card can be found in.

Depends on the point of view. Right now the list contains ThinkPad featuring the cards in their default configuration. If we would change it to a list of ThinkPads supporting the card, it would in fact be a loss of information, since virtuall any recent ThinkPad supports the card, which is true for many of the other cards as well. So there is less point in this information.

What we could do, however, is to include a second list of ThinkPads supporting the card.

Wyrfel 13:20, 14 Aug 2005 (CEST)