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Internal SoftModem

SoftModems are modems implemented in software, and require special drivers.

To identify your internal modem, it is always a good advice to start with the scanModem script from: Grab a current version and have a look at its output.





Lucent / Ambit



Internal Modem

These are hardware modems, and do not require any special drivers other then the standard linux serial driver.

Typically these modems are configured on ttyS1 (COM2) by default.

Note: Not all country versions of these ThinkPads will have a modem due to homologation issues

2.4K Modem / 9.6K Fax

2400 baud modem with 9600 baud fax

14k4 Modem / 14k4 Fax

V.22bis (2400 bps), V.32 (9600 bps), V.32bis (14.4 Kbps)
Class 1 fax send/receive (14.4 Kbps)