Install Lucid Lynx on a ThinkPad W500

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W500 this is work under progress

I got a brand new W500 and installed Lucid Lynx Beta 1 on it, without changing any bios settings. Everything seems to work remarkably smoothly.

Things not working/issues

As I've found most of the components are just working out of the box, I will only list the issues I have found so far:

  • Suspend/Resume
    • after suspend, bluetooth applet crashed

Update Aug 2010: Another user had issues with DVI output (couldn't get one) as well as acceleration not working in Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Upgrading to Maveric Meerkat (most recent alpha) resolved the problem, bringing new many more minor issues the user could deal with (rhytmbox crashing sometimes etc)

Display / Xorg

The laptop comes with Switchable Graphics, so you can choose on your own which GPU to use. I haven't messed with whatever ubuntu chose. There is more useful information here: Install Mandriva 2009.0 on a ThinkPad W500