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Lenovo 3000

This pages gives an overview of all Lenovo 3000 related topics.

There are 3 series:

  • N widescreen like recent Z or T Series Thinkpads.
  • V light, 16:10
  • C entry priced ones

Standard Features (N Series)

Standard Features (V Series)

Standard Features (C Series)

Standard Features (All Series)

  • from 256, up to 1024 MB PC2-5300 memory standard upgradeable to 4 GB
    • Note: While you can install 4GB of memory, the chipset supports a maximum of 3GB usable memory.
    • (Isn't this limit a 32bit OS limit? I have full 4GB available in 64-bit Linux)
    • (Yes, it's a 32bit OS limit. As the amount of RAM 32bit can use maxes out at 4GB, it is set at around 3GB in operating systems to allow room for video card memory, etc.)
  • from 40 up to 120 GB 5400 rpm SATA 2.5" Hitachi or Toshiba HDD
  • from CD-Rom to DVD-RAM-Combo-Drives
  • Audio Controller
  • Realtek 10/100 Ethernet Controller
  • MiniPCI Express slot with one of the following:
  • built-in bluetooth on some models
    • Foxconn Bluetooth 2.0 plus EDR
  • built-in V.92 56K modem on some models
  • Very thin 5in1 card reader
  • Firewire (IEEE1394)
  • 4 Ports USB 2.0
  • PC Card Slot
  • 6 or 9 cell Batteries
  • From 1 year normal warranty to 3 year on site.

Lenovo 3000 is the public counterpart of the more professional Thinkpads and shares some parts with them.

Hardware parts are available from Lenovo/IBM at this page

The high end N100 like the 0768-BJG model are very similar to the Z61t or T60 Thinkpads, but a bit more heavy, not so powerful. The top cover is not inalterable. They are crafted with the usual Rescue & Recovery partition and some usual ThinkPads functions and software like the Fn+F5 (WIFI AP choice) or Fn+F7 (video output choice) key combinations.

The ACPI and EC firmware are completely incompatible with ThinkPads, and thinkpad-acpi will not support it. The Lenovo 3000 are not ThinkPads.

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