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ThinkPad Models Series [exclude numbered] [include numbered]

This page offers information about the various models published throughout the history of ThinkPad computers.
You can also read about the origin of the ThinkPad brand.
If you need more specific information about a precise model, try to find it within the Hardware Specifications.


If your ThinkPad model series is not listed here yet, please read Adding a new ThinkPad series or category to ThinkWiki.

The following is a list of models from various series of ThinkPad computers:

Current Series

  • ThinkPad R: Traditionally the budget laptop line, there are mobile workstation configurations to replace the discontinued A-series.
  • ThinkPad T: Slimline Notebook, two drives internal, light and thin with one swappable bay.
  • ThinkPad X: Subnotebook, very small and light, hard drive internal, no internal optical drive, small screen. Includes the first Tablet PC ThinkPad, a convertible configuration with a swivelling screen.
  • Lenovo 3000: Not a ThinkPad, but Lenovo's "house brand".

Withdrawn Series

  • ThinkPad A: All in One Notebooks, heavy, large, three spindle machines, all drives internal, one or two swappable drive bays.
  • ThinkPad G: Desktop replacement machines built on desktop processors, large and heavy with limited battery runtime.
  • ThinkPad S: Subnotebook, extremely small and light, produced for Japanese and Hong Kong market only.
  • ThinkPad Z: Offers widescreen for the ultimate multimedia experience
  • ThinkPad 130: Japanese version of the i1300
  • ThinkPad 2xx: Classic 10"-sub-notebook models.
  • ThinkPad 3xx: Classic mid-range models.
  • ThinkPad 5xx: Classic ultraportable models.
  • ThinkPad 6xx: Classic Slimline models.
  • ThinkPad 7xx: Classic high-end models.
  • ThinkPad 8xx: Classic PowerPC models.
  • ThinkPad i series: Classic budget models manufactured by Acer under license from IBM.
  • ThinkPad TransNote: Classic model.
  • PC110: Classic Palm-Top model.

The subcategories below are collections of all information regarding specific models of ThinkPads.