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MiniPCI slot

MiniPCI slot

The MiniPCI slot is a miniaturized version of the PCI slot, generally implemented as a 124-pin connector. The other implementation uses a 100-pin connector, which is not used in any known ThinkPad. The 124-pin MiniPCI slot will accept any Type IIIA or IIIB card, but it will not accept any Type IA, IB, IIA, or IIB card as they are only meant for the 100-pin MiniPCI slot.

Also, keep in mind that some ThinkPads are noted to have 124-pin MiniPCI slots that can't accept Type IIIA cards. This is due to a space limitation, which only allows Type IIIB or shorter cards.

Wikipedia article on Mini PCI


The MiniPCI slot is technically a 32-bit only, 33 MHz, 3.3V PCI slot (also supports 5V operation according to the pin-outs). The PCI version depends on the I/O controller, but it can't be older than PCI version 2.2.

On newer models with a BIOS whitelist, only whitelisted MiniPCI cards can be installed. If you attempt to install a non-whitelisted MiniPCI card into a ThinkPad with a BIOS whitelist, the said machine will throw an 'Error 1802' message and will then refuse to boot. See Problem with unauthorized MiniPCI network card for more info and solutions.

Modem MiniPCI cards

Ethernet MiniPCI cards

WiFi MiniPCI cards

Combo Ethernet and Modem MiniPCI cards

Combo WiFi and Modem MiniPCI cards

Linux support

MiniPCI adapters are seen as regular PCI devices, and handled by the Linux PCI subsystem.

Models featuring this technology

with a PCI 2.2 interface

with a PCI 2.3 interface