Intel Active Management Technology (AMT)

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Intel Active Management Technology (AMT)

Some Lenovo laptop include some of Intel's Management features.


  • Management over the Network (LAN and WLAN, using AMT 2.5)
  • Remote Asset (Hardware and Software) Inventory
  • Remote Diagnostic and repair (even if laptop is off or down)
  • Agent Presence Checking (isolate corrupted laptops)
  • Encrypted software update (w/ remote power-on).
  • System isolation and recovery (Use hardware to filter inbound and outbound traffic, except management traffic)
  • Dedicated Flash memory (Firmware + Inventory + ISV Data)


  • The default password is 'admin' (without quotes)
  • If you try to change the Intel ME password and get "Error - Intel(R) ME password change rejected" message, then you are using a weak password. This are guidelines for the Intel ME password:
    • Password must be at least eight characters long.
    • The characters “ ‘ , and : are not allowed.
    • Password must have at least one digit character (e.g., 0, 1, 2, 9).
    • Password must have at least one non-alphanumeric character (e.g., !, @, $).
    • Password must contain both upper and lower case alphabetic characters (e.g., A, a, B, b).


  • See Also Centrino Pro
  • Intel - AMT [1]
  • Tips & Tricks for Setting up & Accessing an Intel AMT Client [2]

ThinkPads that may include this feature

Version Models
AMT 2.5 T61, T61p, X61 Tablet