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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Harddisk Drives]]
* [[Hard disk drives]]

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This is a family of 5400RPM 2.5" hard disks manufactured by Hitachi. They are available in various sizes, and in both PATA (ATA-6) and SATA interfaces. Only the ATA-6 disks were shipped with ThinkPads though.

PATA (ATA-6) interface models:
Model Size
HTS541010G9AT00 100GB
HTS541080G9AT00 80GB
HTS541060G9AT00 60GB
HTS541040G9AT00 40GB
HTS541030G9AT00 30GB
HTS541020G9AT00 20GB

SATA-I interface models:
Model Size
HTS541010G9SA00 100GB
HTS541080G9SA00 80GB
HTS541060G9SA00 60GB
HTS541040G9SA00 40GB
HTS541030G9SA00 30GB
HTS541020G9SA00 20GB


Models shipped with this disk


On some ThinkPad models, you must buy the IBM-branded version of this drive, since the Hitachi-branded version has an incompatible and unupgradable firmware (see Problem with non-ThinkPad hard disks).

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