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(IBM/Hitachi harddisk naming scheme)
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*the H is for Hitachi
*the H is for Hitachi
*[t] is a signle letter designating the drive type, like
*[t] is a single letter designating the drive type, like
** T = Travelstar
** T = Travelstar
** D = Deskstar
** D = Deskstar

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IBM Travelstar harddisk drives are rebranded Hitachi Travelstar drives.

IBM/Hitachi harddisk naming scheme

Hitachi harddisk names (on modern drives) are a set of letters and numbers that in fact tell a lot about the specifications of the drive. The designation follows the pattern:

H T S 72 60 60 M 9 AT 00
H [t] [?] [rr] [??] [ss] [?] [h] [ii] [??]
  • the H is for Hitachi
  • [t] is a single letter designating the drive type, like
    • T = Travelstar
    • D = Deskstar
    • E = Endurastar
  • following is a mystical single letter.
  • [rr] is the first two digits of speed in RPM, i.e. 54 for 5400 RPM.
  • next two are strange, they match the marketing/branding name for the drives, like 7K60 would be HTS7260... . So they might just separate drive generations or something like that. But they also match the size of the biggest available drive in that series.
  • [ss] is two digits giving the size in GB. 100gig drives have a 10 here.
  • following is a letter that is probably placed as a riddle for anyone who wants to interpret the naming scheme.
  • [h] is the drives height in full millimeters, first digit, i.e. 9 for 9.5mm .
  • [ii] is a two digit code for the drives interface, like this:
    • AT = IDE/ATA
    • SA = IDE/SATA
    • CE = IDE/ZIF
    • CF = Compact Flash
    • L3 = SCSI/Ultra320
    • LF = FC-AL
  • two numerical digits are following, might be some kind of revision, might be something else.

Drives found in ThinkPads

60GB, 7200 RPM

Model: Hitachi HTS726060M9AT00
IBM FRU/PartNr.: 13N6807, 13N6799
Hitachi PartNr: 08K0849

This drive can be found in the following ThinkPads: