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{{thumb|S30 10a.jpg|iSeries s30, closed, rear view}}
{{thumb|S30 10a.jpg|iSeries s30, closed, rear view}}
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ThinkPad iSeries s30

This page gives an overview of all ThinkPad iSeries s30 related topics.

This machine is specific to Asia Pacific (mainly China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea)


ThinkPad iSeries s30

ThinkPad iSeries s30/s31 Hardware Maintenance Manual (October 2001) (2,122,130 Bytes)

Photos (click to see full size)
iSeries s30, open, angled view from the back
iSeries s30, open, view from the front
iSeries s30, keyboard in detail
iSeries s30, closed, side view
iSeries s30, closed, angled view
iSeries s30, underside
iSeries s30, underside detail
iSeries s30, closed, rear view