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* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 1]]
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 1]]
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 2]]
* [[ThinkPad Port Replicator Model 2]]
[[Category:Ports, Connectors and Slots]]

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Most older ThinkPads have a Male DB-9 RS232 Serial Port, capable of running up to 115,200bps

Current ThinkPads no longer have a physical serial port, but still have the logic integrated, all that is required is to attach the ThinkPad to a supported Dock or Port Replicator with a serial port. Also there is an Ultrabay Slim Serial/Parallel Port Adapter for T6x series.

ThinkPads produced from 1994 onwards have a NS16550A compatible uart.

Models featuring this Technology

Legacy UART

16550A compatible UART

16550B compatible UART

Docks and Port Replicators featuring this Technology

These devices only feature pass-through functionality, the actual Serial port logic needs to reside in the ThinkPad for the port to work