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Specifications: [http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-50022 MIGR-50022]<br>
Users Guide: [http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-50108 MIGR-50108]<br>
Service Parts: [http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-50032 MIGR-50032]

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Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter

This is a Mini-PCI WiFi Adapter that is installed in a Mini-PCI slot.


  • Chipset: Intel 2100
  • IEEE Standards: 802.11b
  • PCI ID: 8086:1043

Mini-PCI WiFi Adapter

IBM Partnumbers

IBM Option PN: 31P8601
IBM FRU PN: 91P7143, 91P7267
IBM FRU PN (WW): 91P7293
IBM FRU PN (G40/G41): 91P7261, 26P8421

Also known (in IBM literature) as....

  • 802.11b Wireless Card
  • 802.11b Wireless Card (Calexico-b)
  • High Rate Wireless LAN Mini-PCI Adapter III
  • 802.11b Actiontec Wireless Card
  • 802.11b Actiontec Wireless Card (Braxton)

Linux WiFi driver

This adapter works with the ipw2100 driver.

ThinkPads this card may be found in

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