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Hello. Just a little message to let you know that I've succesfully equiped a Thinkpad X30 2672-42G with this component. I took the antennas from a T40 and managed to (badly?) embed them in the body of the thinkpad, right under the keyboard. I also did run the "no-1802" program to hack the BIOS, which was very easy with the bootable floppy (Problem_with_unauthorized_MiniPCI_network_card) and of course an appropriate Dock, as the X30 don't have any internal floppy drive. Despite the fact that the antennas are not behind the screen as they should (ie on the X31), the performances are rather good, and no harm so far. --Clemos 12:39, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

Why can i edit this page?

Because this is a Wiki just like Wikipedia. As such it has limited user rights management only and it is its very purpose that everyone can edit any page. Google for "wiki" or look at the Wikipedia page to get familiar with the concept.