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{{thumb|t30_dock.jpg|T30 docked in a Dock}}
{{thumb|t30_dock.jpg|T30 docked in a Dock}}
[http://www.ibm-laptop-batteries.co.uk/Thinkpad-T30-battery.html Thinkpad T30 battery]
=== Tips ===
=== Tips ===

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ThinkPad T30

This pages gives an overview of all ThinkPad T30 related topics.

Machine Type: 2366

Standard Features

ThinkPad T30

Photos (click to see full size)
Hard disk drive shock absorber, on T30's bottom near battery
Lower indicators
Upper indicators
T30 docked in a Dock

Thinkpad T30 battery


Memory slot failure

The T30 has a design flaw whose result is that one of the two memory slots ceases to function after some time. The Thinkpad T30's original battery code is : 02K7033, 02K7034, 02K7035, 02K7037, 02K7038, 02K7050, 02K7051, 02K7072, 02K7073

1 GiB memory modules

If a 1 GiB memory module is installed and Linux panics on boot then see problem with T30 not booting with 1 GiB memory module.

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