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Hey. I've recently written Installation of OpenSUSE 10.2 on a ThinkPad R61. Should we merge our installation instructions?

Okay, I think that merging is a good idea since our two instructions complement one another, as you stated correctly. I have tried to get my system working with the default kernel since I do not want to bother with recompiling the NVidia drivers (I am somewhat lazy :-D).

The ndiswrapper solution does not work perfectly, too. And yes, the alsa-workaround-script, alsa 1.0.14a from packman and the default kernel work. But it is good to know that the kernel of the day works so nicely with regard to iwlwifi and alsa. Do s2ram and/or s2disk work for you with this kernel and a self-compiled nvidia driver?

I have merged our two instruction in the last hour. I hope that you only have to do some finetuning. Feel free to change anything you do not understand/like and to add anything that seems to be helpful, I do not regard this instruction as my property or so.

You are welcome. And you did remove your old instruction. Okay, if I get s2ram/s2disk running I will edit the Power Management section.

Confirmation e-mail does not work for me, too. Tried it again an hour ago but got no mail, yet.

Confirmation e-mail does now work for me. Additionally, I added a installation instruction for 10.3 Final. Looks much cleaner now.