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sorry, my mistake with the fglrx drivers. Didn't think of that there's a source kernel module part., but of course you're right.

About the date... if you place ~~~~ (four tildes) in your edit, it will be replaced by your linkified username plus timestamp.

Wyrfel 04:36, 26 January 2006 (CET)

Thanks :-). There's one more thing that bothers me, but I'm not quite certain about this, so I didn't add it straight away. I did fglrx installs by running ati-installer. The X11 version doesn't however report any errors most of the time, also when there are. Also. When it fnishes successfully, it leaves the *.ko files in /lib/modules/fglrx, and doesn't copy them to /lib/modules/linux-whatever/fglrx. At least very often. I'm using a official kernel, not a debian one. Perhaps this causes some of the confusion about fglrx? Also- it can be, that you install a new version and the old modules are still being loaded, and therefore accel works and you don't notice anything?

Rasto 14:11, 26 January 2006 (CET)

ateros Free software drivers

hello you seems to want a free software driver for yout atheros card the ath-driver isn't the only free software driver you also have someone that has ported the openHal driver to linux so you have:

  • Open BSD that have a 100% free software driver that work(i haven't tested it) (the atheros card doesn't have a firmware so it's 200% free software)
  • a linux port of this OpenHAL

i have tested the OpenHAL port to linux but it gives me an error while compiling with the r1443 version

# make *** TARGET i386-elf is invalid, valid targets are: .  Stop.

mabe you'll have more chance and so you could tell what are the software requirements by the way uudecode(that is needed) is in the app-arch/sharutils package under gentoo(so you will be able to find it with the name)

please respond here because i watch this page(i do not have any ibm laptop but google sent me there while searching for some information on the gcc suport of the pentium M(it difers a lot from a P6 core))

Actually, I'm not really interested. Madwifi works great and openHAL's support is probably much more limited. There is a long dragging argument against openHAL, saying it actually violates Atheros' copyright. I'll rather not start this discussion here, this is not the place. So I will be of no help, as I got no time. Sorry.

Rasto 07:59, 31 May 2006 (CEST)