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IBM UltraCam II driver

Kernel patch to enable support for the IBM UltraCam II.


  • camera working on USB and Ultraport
  • supports the basic functions of the camera
  • automatic white balancing

Project Homepage / Availability


usable, but unstable, project seems to be dead

The current driver gives a 320x240 image, with White Balance control (optionaly automatic). Contrast, and importantly Brightness Control have not been implemented, so the camera is ultra-sensitive to light; you may find you have to walk into a wardrobe to see a picture during the daytime. The driver has been included with the kernel since circa 2.4.21 (I don't remember the exact version)

The present driver also needs updating to include proper support for sysfs, so having removed the camera while running Linux with sysfs, you will have to restart the system to get the camera working again (until sysfs support is added tothe driver).

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