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Please support this project!

Wiki Development

If you have experience with your Thinkpad and Linux or some other operation system, please share it with us! A Wiki is only alive if its users extend it regularly. If you disagree with some information found on a ThinkWiki page, please correct it or discuss it with the other users on the talk-pages.

ThinkWiki Promotion

If you own a website, you can add our banner image to your site and setup a weblink to The more people know about ThinkWiki, the more people will share their experience with us!

Maintenance costs

The maintenance of the dedicated server (incl. domain reg. fees) running ThinkWiki is very expensive.

Please support this project and donate a small amount of money:

Don't know about PayPal? Read an article about it in the Wikipedia!

  • Donate by bank transfer:

IBAN: DE15 2001 0020 0962 9722 01
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  • Donate by sending bitcoins:

Please send BitCoins to this address: 32ATVd18B89RUiNPK7Z9cuLSa1vqL4vzjY

  • Donate by clicking on the ads:

By clicking the ads you can help to accumulate some funds. Thank you!

We will use the money which exceeds the annual amount of money needed for ThinkWiki maintenance to support other Thinkpad related opensource projects like thinkpad-acpi, madwifi and others.

We are also looking for sponsors and hightraffic link partners!

Thanks for the donations we received until now!!