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Please do not add adapters not sold by IBM
The Intel and Cisco adapters listed are sold and supported by IBM

Thinkpad t40 and acx111 mini-pci wlan

hi there friends of the big blue...

i have a t40, modifided with a acx111 mini-pci wlan card. card is removed from a usr 5416 pci card. able to work with it under xp with 125mbit g++... wpa-psk keyed suse 9.3 also detects the card, after putting firmware files in the firmware folder. wpa is possible. other linux versions, i will try this day's... my favortite distrib is gentoo... running bios 3.16, my only problem is my t40 won't start from akku pack, if the acx111 is plugged in. when i put in my ac plug, it starts, iminiadtly after the boot screen appears, i can remove the ac plug and be able to work from my akku pac for hours, wireless with 125mbit. anybody intrested in some coopporation to fix this problem? sorry for my bad english. if anybody wants to contact me, feel free to contact me...


edited: replaced card with a version taken out of my avm fritz box phone, also an acx111. now able to start from akku-pack.