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Which video cards have people put in the PCI slot?

What about USB in the Docking Station?

What about some usb-problems installing a new linux system with kernelversion 2.6?Problem with Dock USB Ports

USB passthrough or PCI adapter?

The Dock has a single passthrough USB port.

But you should be able to install a USB 2.0 PCI-adapter in the PCI-slot.

Referenced link

The referenced link is for the Dock II, not the original Dock, in addition it seems like it was a one-off event with a broken Dock that was replaced under warranty.

Usage with unsupported Thinkpads

Does anyone know if the 2631 model will support T4x series, such as the T43p?

It will NOT physically fit.

The docking connector on the T40 series machines is in a different place then it was on the T20/30 machines.

And on the latest T60 machines, they moved it again.

--Tonko 10:44, 5 May 2006 (CEST)

Physical incompatibility between the Dock I (2631) and the T40 series does not make sense to me. The Docking Station II is documented as supporting the T2x and T30 models as well as the T4x, so it would seem that they must use the same physical connector. Can someone clarify?

Ok, once more, the ThinkPad Dock is incompatible with the T40 series machines.
And you are correct that the newer Dock II can support both the T40 series and the older T20/30 machines.

The reason for this is that the physical connector has not changed between the T20/30 series and the T40 series, but the location of the connector has.
On the T20/30 machines the connector is placed more towards the back of the ThinkPad, while the T40 has it placed slightly more forward, because of the location of the battery. The Dock II (and also Port Replicator II) have an adjustable back that can be set for older (T20/30 series, etc), or for newer (T40, etc) series machines. This is not possible with the older Dock or Port Replicator.

--Tonko 13:40, 4 June 2006 (CEST)