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This page has been severely messed with

Both this and the 11a/b/g/n page state the card works on 802.11a, b, g and n standards. Is one of them wrong?

--Whizkid 15:06, 15 March 2007 (CET)

No. Someone ("MH") turned this page into a a/b/g/n while trying to create a a/b/g/n page by mistake, and caused the current mess because nobody noticed it and more edits were done.

Someone needs to get all the good information in this page into the proper a/b/g/n page, and remove all a/b/g/n information from this page while still keeping the other edits.

--hmh 03:27, 20 March 2007 (CET)

I reverted the page back to the last version before the a/b/g/n edits. Doesn't look like there was anything regarding the a/b/g card added after that point. Pimlottc 05:07, 7 April 2007 (CEST)

AR5212 Chipset

I added a note on the possible chipsets for this particular WLAN card. My system reports that it is using "Atheros Communications, Inc. AR5212 802.11abg NIC (rev 01)" as its WLAN. I have a newer (3 months old) T61, if it helps. If I am misreporting an existing chipset, please revert my change as needed.

Also, this isn't necessarily the proper place to be asking, but has anyone else noticed that this chip causes lock ups? I'm running Ubuntu 7.10, with madwifi as my driver through Envy. Sporadically (usually in periods of heavy use, although that might just be statistics), the system locks up 100% (does not respond to Ctrl-Alt-Bksp, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Ctrl-Alt-F1...), and the caps lock light flashes. A hard restart is the only way to get it going again. Odd, huh?

Devmage 08:21, 28 December 2007 (UTC)


On Debian Lenny with kernel 2.6.26 the ath5k driver is automatically loaded and appears to work. However, pinging my wifi router 5-10% of packets are lost and transfer rates are about half of what a similarly placed T60 with Intel 3945 can do. Madwifi drivers work better.