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During the first day of work, it didn't strike me (even though I tried hard to check for pixel errors, but maybe I didn't have the right lighting) - but today on my 2nd day of use, I detected a blue pixel.


  • Is this a reason to return the device or does it happen anyway sooner or later?
  • Can there anything be done about it?
  • What might have caused the pixel error? I believe there is a irregular spot surrounding the very pixel (like a puddle of water 1 cm in diameter) - but I certainly didn't put anything between screen and keyboard when closing.


hope the article answers most of your questions. I don't have any IBM specific information though. Concerning your "watery spot" might be the outcome of not putting anything between keyboard and display. ;-) It's a common phenomena that the keyboard leaves markings on the display. Mostly it is just human skin oil that remains on the keys and then on the display. This can be avoided by putting a very thin layer of paper or textile between them. However, if during a transport the pressure on the back of the display is too strong, the keys or trackpoint keys might leave more severe markings. There is a chance that they might also have caused the dead pixel under such circumstance. Wyrfel