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Recovery CDs can only be created once, after that you get a message that you already created the CDs and that the Microsoft license only allows one copy to be made.

Anyone know how to reset this, so another copy can be created?

Does the Recovery CD restore Predesktop Area as well ?

The recovery CD will restore the entire hard drive if you boot from the CD. I found having restored Windows from the CD that the recovery program had been reset so it was possible to make the recovery set again. Also software update installs a new version of the recovery program and thus appears to reset the recovery program. You could of course just duplicate the CD

You can recover you ibm console before your window crash and you can back up if you have console do mail me at sure i guide you free trust me no charges not like people just asking for credit card and all that. If you want do mail me.

Valid reasons to tell

I've just hung up the phone with an IBM Service rep.

I've told him I needed my Recovery CDs because my recovery partition got erased while installing Linux. Of course that's not what really happened, but as thing are nowadays, you must LIE to get the free of charge Recovery CDs you are ENTITLED to.

Well, the Linux excuse didn't get me anywhere. They wanted to charge me 45 USD. It wasn't until I mentioned that I already have burned myself the Recovery CDs using IBM Record Now, and that said backup didn't work as it should, that the support rep. changed his speech. He told me he had to check with his manager, and 5 minutes later I got cleared. My Recovery CDs are on its way.

So please take into account my experience, and watch out when you flash the Linux excuse.

I think this info should be updated on the main article.

Anyway, it's so lame to have to make these stupid excuses. They should provide the recovery CD free of charge PERIOD. !!!

Ordering the CDs in Finland

Having blown away the Windows partition on a ThinkPad X60s with a misplaced mkfs.ntfs, I just called IBM support and they agreed to send me the recovery medias, free of charge. (This was only 3 days from purchase.) -- Japsu 15:58, 8 November 2006 (CET)

In Germany, the don't even ask for a reason

Have just called the german support hotline of IBM/Lenovo and they said I'll get my CDs in 10-12 days. Just asked for my serial, my address and the use of the laptop (private or business), not why I want to have the CDs. So I even haven't to lie ;-) --Zhenech 17:03, 9 November 2006 (CET)

Today TNT droped me an envelope with 7 CDs and a sheet of paper with a HowTo. So it took 8 days to ship them from Hungary. --Zhenech 15:21, 17 November 2006 (CET)

Recovery CD's in Poland

In Poland they want now 50Euro + 60PLN for getting them from IBM.