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Thinkpad R32/R40 having NIC burnout issues. We have a large amount of R32 and a few R40 thinkpads that the onboard NIC burns out and stops working completely. To fix the issue, we either replace the entire mainboard - if under warranty or add a PCMCIA ethernet card to the thinkpad. Has anyone experienced this issue? We are running 100/Full, RJ45 connections and Cisco switches! Thanks

CPU fan speed control may not work when on AC power only w/ no battery

FYI, and I wasn't sure if I should create a new section for this or not, but it appears to be the case that:

  • Model: Thinkpad T60 (2613-CTO)
  • OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
  • Date: Purchased 12/2006
  • Battery: 92P1133, dead with "Irreparable damage to the battery has been detected. Replace the battery with a new one." message
  • TPPowerMan: AC mode: CPU perf 3/7, temp 2/7, fan sound 7/7, Optimize fan control to: Balance all Parameters

When running on AC, with the dead battery still plugged in (blinking yellow battery light), the CPU fans appear to be either disabled or stuck on the lowest setting and not performing automatic smart speed changing with temperature or CPU performance. I was forced to download TPFanControl to control them manually, to prevent overheating (which happened a couple of times and froze the machine solid). Before this, it has always performed flawlessly otherwise, with the fan scaling up to control heat on both AC and battery power mode. The only thing that changed was that the battery had died.

I am not sure which other models this may apply to, but in troubleshooting and testing many different settings (one at a time), it simply appeared to be disabled. I submit this for peer review; if other people test this and confirm it applies to this model and/or other models, it seems worthwhile to mention on the Known Problems page.