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Is it possible to connect a beamer (or external monitor) to the notebook, while the notebook is running, and then switch the output from the internal TFT to the external beamer or monitor using FN-F7 or by other means?

Any information about whether this chip supports DRI/hardware-accelerated GLX with free drivers or not?

Cheers :)

you need to install i810 driver from xorg7 version 1.5 or above. glxgears shows something around 600FPS. currently you can get from xorg cvs version 1.6 and get 1000FPS.


Now on systems with 945GM it seems

The wiki used to say that intel graphics were only available w/ 1024x768 thinkpads.. Well I just purchased a T60 widescreen with the WSXGA+ (1680x1024) driven by a 945GM.

Display problems on T60 w/ WSXGA+ and 945GM

Test image (tile this)
This is what a failed banding test looks like. There should not be vertical bars of differing color.

It is working under FC6 with desktop effects and all, although while the image looks great at a first glance.. it's clearly a 16 bit image even though xorg thinks it's 24bit mode. Also there is a faint horizontal banding in fully saturated mid brightness colors, giving a textured look to areas of solid color. Now I need to find out if this is an xorg issue that can be resolved or a hardware issue and that I should send my T60 back. :( Does anyone here run windows on their T60 with intel video and this display? can you confirm if you see this texture behavior? --Gmaxwell 23:58, 5 February 2007 (CET)