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This should really be merged with the Tribe 3 article... It might be easier to update the Tribe 3 article with items from this one and rename that article but it doesn't really matter we should just remove one article since they are redundant.

This is ok with me. This is the first time I've ever edited a wiki so I don't really know the protocol. However, one word of caution: There are a few significant differences between Tribe 3 and Tribe 4, so a lot of what is in the Tribe 3 doesn't apply to people installing Tribe 4. Maybe the Tribe3-specific docs should be discontinued? (I can't imagine anyone would still be installing Tribe 3 now that Tribe 4 is out).

Works for me! I moved some items over, now we need to figure out how to redirect the Tribe 3 page here...

Tribe 3 is now redirected here

Tribe 5 is due to be released Today, when this happens we should move this page to be Tribe 5 and then remove the workarounds not required for Tribe 5 such as Nvidia Driver install and wireless hangs.