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Does suspend/resume work for you? I've tried Fedora Core 5 and Debian, and my T60 can't access the disk after suspend to RAM.

My T60 neither. I don't get it back out of the standby mode.

Has anyone found a solution for the T60's IrDA in Ubuntu?

Has anyone managed to scale the CPU frequency of both cores? My battery lasts only 2h in Ubuntu.

Does anyone know of a Linux distro that supports most of the things from the start ? I wouldn't want to compile my own kernel since then I'll have to update it manually, etc. I'm really paying atention to this site and for a complete guide but so far support feels shaky (especially the graphics card and suspend which is essential for a laptop). Keep up the good work ;) ~emilian

Installing the Lastest Ubuntu Release managed to get the wifi card working out of the box, the Intel 3945. Also, upgrading the kernel to release 23 of the ubuntu kernel got the sound card working properly. Doing the apt-get of the xorg-driver-fglrx got the video card working with full 3d acceleration. I was playing Enemy Territory with a very good frame rate and sound :). The only thing not working is the display switch between lcd and vga, which i release MISS and NEED.

How is suspend support for the latest Ubuntu ? Does it use the latest ATI X1300 driver released yesterday (or today, not sure) ?? ~emilian