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I'm (finally) ready to start my own FC6 install on an inherited T30 machine -- thanks for all of the work you put into this guide so far!

I'd like to flesh out the work-in-progress sections and add some of my own further information (since I'm using the T30 with a docking station and external 21" CRT monitor, which if all goes well will become my "TV" and allow me to show video (and later possibly TV and then HDTV using a video capture box) full-screen directly from the T30, when docked.

May i have your blessing to update the information in the guide with whatever I can contribute? Or do you have planned/in-the-pipeline edits to some/all sections that you'd prefer I leave as-is for now? I can happily work within either framework, and would be more than happy to respect your wishes either way.

Thanks again for all the info in the guide as it appears so far!