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Hei. This IS a Wiki. Your page is part of it. In fact it isn't your page, but even though you created and edited it also so far, it is meant to be a collaborative page. Future edits and updates might come from other authors. Using HTML makes your page inconsistent with the rest of the Wiki and makes it harder to edit for other users.

Please open your mind to the MediaWiki-Syntax. It is very well documented and easy to learn. Once you learned it, you will discover that it makes editing quicker as well.

I did undo your changes and manually integrated the content related changes back into the Wiki-Syntax formatted text (BTW: you forgot to change some kernel numbers).

Wyrfel 22:38, 27 Oct 2005 (CEST)


What if you don't want to bother with xfs and you just went with ext3 and grub? I don't know how to, I'm totally at a loss here as to how to do it and I simply don't have the time to figure out how, but it would be nice to have a little grub counterpart to the lilo-ness. Thanks, anyone who decides to take up my challenge :)