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Are you sure that it is a Harris chipset in the Wireless and not Intersil? Some reference: According to 'Linux Wireless LAN Howto' :"Harris has just become Intersil and released the Prism II chipset, successor of the PrismI chipset, this time including the MAC controller (so they won't use any more the AMD part in their reference design)." Section 2.4.1 All the Harris cards (Listed in Section 2.4) are pre-802.11b and do not use the orinono drivers. Inetersil seems to be the much liklier candidate after reading section 3.6 which documents a much liklier candidate for what this card is.

Installation on other models

Mini-PCI wireless cards of any type may be installed on X2-series models that didn't originally have internal wireless if you are willing to do some hacking to add an antenna. The LCD rear cover block radio signals. The Wifi-equipped models had cutouts on the sides of the LCD rear cover near the top of the screen; these were covered with regular, non-signal blocking plastic covers. The antennas were the type with a thin, 1" vane, and were mounted directly under the surface of the side, and very close to the front edge of the screen. Presumably this gives them maximal clearance from the back of the LCD cover. The wires are then routed down the sides and across the bottom, and pass through the left hinge, plugging into the Mini-PCI card under the left side of the keyboard.

The parts to do an original antenna install may also be purchased from the parts suppliers, with the exception of the plastic cutout covers. You will need: 26P9819, rear LCD cover, wireless; 26P9826, the LCD brackets (which have mounts for the antennas); 26P9824, wireless antennas.

Be careful when choosing a Mini-PCI adaptor: try to get one with the connectors as close to the back edge as possible, since the antenna leads may not have much extra length. Also, some adaptors, such as the Senao, may appear to the BIOS as ethernet cards; this will cause the BIOS to complain annoyingly about two ethernet cards installed, requiring you to hit the <Esc> key at every boot.

I'm moving this stuff here, because it doesn't quite fit where it was put in the article and it needs to be edited anyway. Either we generally introduce a section on the components pages about installation in other models or we introduce an extra page about such stuff. Wyrfel 09:18, 3 April 2006 (CEST)

WPA2 Support

Does anyone know if this card can be made to support WPA2 security?