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A friend and me just managed to connect a blootooth usb dongle and found that on my T23 Pin 3 has +5V while Pin 4 had only +2.3V. Can anyone confirm this?

Confirmed, on my T22 +5v is only on Pin 3.

I experimented with this on an A21p a few years ago. It did not come with an adapter to make it into a regular USB port. I recall that as I probed the pins with a multimeter, something caused the computer to boot. I don't know which two pins caused it. I did figure out which pins to use for a USB port and I bought an extra flash card adapter, hacked it, and hardwired a 4-port USB adapter to it so I could attach it to the ultraport. When I bought the A21p, I just assumed that ultraport accessories would be made to be stacked. I expected to be able to attach an array microphone with an ultraport camera on top.