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I just talked to a dealer, who told me that the T61p (NH0BQGE) comes with a FDE-enabled disk from Hitachi. Can anyone confirm this? Otherwise the information, that only Seagate hdds in Thinkpads are FDE-enabled is wrong. --jan 10:27, 24 April 2008 (CEST)


I am planning on getting one of the last x61t, they can be had cheap and without Windows (DOS) now.

I read that some Thinkpad BIOSes are not compatible with the Seagate Momentus FDE models that use a BIOS password (R60 was named).

Can we use this site as a point of information not only about FDE drives that came installed the the Thinkpad but also about which drives to fit into which Thinkpads running which BIOS version? I would start, but have not made the jump yet to order a x61t and a ST9320329AS.