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T43 broken fan firmware fix from IBM

The T43 firmware with the broken fix causes the wrong register to be used to set the fan speed when it is in the ~30s loop (and this register has an undetermined content). There is also a ~5s loop in the fan control algo, but that one is apparently not affected by this broken fix. I.e. the algo will vary the speed slightly every ~5s, and also in a different way every ~30s, and it is the ~30s speed variation that is done incorrectly.

Note that a TP-70 T43 (18xx models) is very different from a TP-1Y T43 (26xx models). The ~30s issue is for both models, but how much of an hassle it is might be different (the wrongly used register will have different values), maybe even depending on T43 configuration and not only on the model.

Did anyone actually compare the ammount of noise and pulsing on a BROKEN (stock) T43 firmware versus a FIXED (hacked) T43 firmware and found a difference on the ~5s loop? If the answer is false, do not edit the page. If the answer is true, we have to improve the description to also talk about the differences in the ~5s loop, because the comment about the ~30s loop is not in error.

--hmh 17:35, 8 December 2006 (CET)