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I have found that this card may be added to non-bluetooth X24s; this may be possible with other non-bluetooth models from the list above. It may NOT be added to X22s of any kind.

To add a BDC to an X24, you will also have to add the bluetooth hinge covers with the button on the right side, p/n 46l6540 (available from ACS for about $25, incl. ship). The non-bluetooth X24s have the physical switch and BT LED on the motherboard already. The button on the hinge cover is just a piece of plastic that reaches down to the m/b and pushes the switch. You will also have to install an antenna. I don't know what kind of antenna was included with the original bluetooth models. However, a laptop Wifi antenna with the u.fl connector may be used (search for laptop antenna on ebay). Finding a good place to place the antenna may be tricky, since the (special) plastic LCD cover, the bottom chassis, and the keyboard bezel all seem to block radio signals (hence the cutouts on the side of the lid on WiFi models). Any more hints about original antennas and other supported models would be appreciated!

I was lucky to find a X30-Bluetooth module for almost no money. Now, since I'm owning an X30 with built-in Modem Daughter Card, the question arises whether I can use my new shiny Bluetooth Daughter Card instead. Unfortunately, the BDC has a three-pin-connector, whereas the (original) MDC - and, the power connector at the same time - only has two pins. Is there any way to use my BDC?

Any help is appreciated.