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how to use thinkpad-acpi to automatically reduce brightness ?

The article says the provided info is now deprecated in favor of thinkpad-acpi and says to refer to the thinkpad-acpi pagr which doesn't contain any information about how to automatically do it. I followed the links and look at the mailing list but couldn't find any useful information on that mattter, if anyone actually has automatic dimming working using thinkpad-acpi, it would be nice to share it here.

All links to are broken

Well, that pretty much says it all... This isn't the only page that lists that URL. Isn't there some way in MediaWiki to make a single URL object that gets referenced by other pages instead of worrying about catching every instance of it? Of course, then you'd have to make sure folks used the previously created object instead of just making their own for each page. Every record player has a song that smashes it, I guess.