Serial Ultrabay Slim HDD Adapter III

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Serial Ultrabay Slim HDD Adapter III

This is an adapter that slides into a Serial Ultrabay Slim.


  • One SATA slot for a 2.5-inch, 71 or 9.5-millimeter HDD/SSD/SSHD
  • Weight: 68 grams or 0.15 pounds


  1. Lenovo strongly suggests attaching spacers to these 7mm storage drives, due to the potential height difference. They provide spacers if you do not have them: HDD (FRU: 04W1640) or SSD (FRU: 04W1641/0A35880)
  2. The HDD adapter's drive bezel will not match the styling of the L440 and the L540's drive bezel, but it will fit in with no issue. If the HDD adapter's screw mount bracket is not positioned correctly (making it impossible to secure it, thus rendering it prone to disconnections due to vibrations), unscrew the L440 or the L540's screw mount bracket (found on its optical drive) and attach it to the HDD adapter.
  3. This FRU requires a special drive bracket (FRU: 04X5421) to be attached onto the storage drive, before installing it into the HDD adapter.

Lenovo-thinkpad-serial-a 128974.jpg

Part numbers

Branded as the ThinkPad 9.5mm SATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter IV

  • 0C70262, 0B47315, 04X1602

Linux support

If connected at boot time, the drive is normally /dev/sdb.

Models supporting this accessory