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The intent of this script is to provide Thinkpad power consumption data. Hopefully the data will allow you to identify areas with higher-than-expected power draw. The ultimate goal of this script is to act as a tool that will ultimately allow you to maximize your battery time under Linux.

The script is written in Python.

You will probably need to modify this script to suit your needs. The original script was written using a Thinkpad T43 2668-89U. So, for example, if your particular does not have an ATI video card, then you will definately need to modify the script.
Help needed
The major deficiency with the script, in its current form, is that it does not consolidate the collected data. I would suggest that the "tpPowerMonitorDataSource" class be extended so that instances of that class know how to interpret their own data (from which nice reports can be generated).
Please feel very free to improve/fix this script. My intent for its posting is to make its ownership as public as possible. There's no need to try to E-mail me to validate your changes. If you feel they are in the best interest of the public, just make the changes. The script attempts to employ pre-conditions to intelligently apply functionality only to those laptops that appear to support it. Hopefully, its framework will allow for extension without heavy redesign.

The script (download)