Recovering without Recovery CDs

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Information about recovering the preloaded OS without any Recovery CD.

Coverage of this approach

You can't download preinstalled commercial applications from the IBM website (only updates are provided). Commercial software known to be preinstalled is CD/DVD burning and DVD playback software and Norton AntiVirus. On the other hand, this approach doesn't restore the original setup, but gives you a system with the lates drivers and tools from IBM, that might work even better than the originally installed one.

preinstalled Windows versions and their keys

Windows 98

Windows 98 specific stuff

Windows ME

Windows ME specific stuff

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 specific stuff

Windows XP

Preinstalled Windows XP versions usually have an OEM key that does not work with a boxed Windows XP. You will have to use the key that comes with the box instead. Note: The Windows XP install-cd doesn't include drivers for the AHCI-mode of the S-ATA drive. Therefore, on the models using this by default, you should set the SATA Controller Mode Option (in the BIOS setup) to "Compatibility" before installing windows, OR before beginning the install, download the "Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver" from Lenovo's support-site, copy these to a diskette to install by pressing F6 during the driver-loading of the windows install process (see the readme for more info).

Downloading Drivers

Get drivers by entering your model into the appropriate fields on IBMs Downloads and drivers page. Another good place for drivers and software is: thinkpad software matrix.

Installing Drivers

The easiest way to install drivers after the system installation is through Thinkvantage System Update. It is available from the Lenovo support pages. To use it, you will need to connect your ThinkPad to the internet.

You'll need a modem or network adaptor driver installed before you can download Thinkvantage System Update. Download the appropriate driver using another machine and transfer via removable disk.

Once you installed Thinkvantage System Update, run it and follow the process. It might happen that the utility doesn't install all drivers available for your ThinkPad model. To make sure you have everything check IBMs Downloads and drivers page for your model.

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