Installing Ubuntu 6.04 on a ThinkPad X60s

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Since we're on bleeding-edge hardware, we might as well use bleeding-edge software, so I'm going to be installing the pre-release development version of Ubuntu 6.04.

Partitioning / Installation (CD based)

These instructions are for using a CD-ROM drive, if you don't have a CD-ROM drive for your Thinkpad, you can try a different installation method as documented on ThinkWiki: Installation on ThinkPads without CD-ROM drive.

Resize NTFS partition

Obtain boot cd, which has a nice qtparted preinstalled. Burn the ISO to CD-ROM

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Create Linux partitions and Install Ubuntu

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Edit Grub to restore access to IBM Recovery partition

The IBM recovery partition, usually accessed via the ThinkVantage button, has some weirdness associated with it.

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Hardware Support

Core Duo Processor

Simply install the linux-image-686-smp package to get the advantages of the Intel Core Duo (Yonah) architecture. $ sudo apt-get install linux-image-686-smp

Suspend / Hibernate

fill in with post-install status, hopefully should work out of box

Currently does not work. Computer will go into suspend mode by hitting Fn+F4, but then fails to "wake up," when Fn key is hit to resume. This issue, however, is being addressed, and will hopefully be resolved in time for the actual dapper release.

Graphics Acceleration

The X60 series has a Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. This card is supported natively in the version of X.Org installed by Ubuntu.


In Volume Control go to Edit then Preferences. Check "Front Track" to make it visible. Unmute and turn up volume on Front slider.


fill in with post-install status, hopefully should work out of box


The X60 series uses a Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Mini-PCI Express Adapter.

The current version of the Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Mini-PCI Express Adapter drivers are pre-release. In order to get them working, you should be familiar with compiling kernel software.

First get everything you need to be able to compile new kernel modules: $ sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-image-686-smp linux-headers-686-smp

finish writeup of the how to get this working on Ubuntu

Special Keys

Getting the special keys on the keyboard to function.

Post-install support for special keys in Ubuntu Linux 6.04
Keys function status
FnF1 ? ?
FnF2 ? ?
FnF3 ? ?
fill in this chart with post-install status