Installing OpenSUSE 11 on a ThinkPad X41 Tablet

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Success Chart

Item Working Notes
Installation Network Installation Not Tested
USB Installation Yes (DVD) Edit the boot order first
Display Laptop Screen Yes
CRT / Projector Yes Standard is clone
Screen Rotation Yes
Stylus Yes*
Power Management Suspend to Disk (hibernate) Yes
Suspend to RAM (ACPI sleep) Yes
Audio Yes
Wireless 802.11b/g Yes
Bluetooth Yes
SD/SDHC Card Yes
Extra Buttons Keyboard Section Yes
Tablet buttons Yes*
Fingerprint Scanner Not Tested Device found
Harddisk Active Protection Not Tested hdapsd (?)

* = Configuration Required

Even the browser-keys work "out of the box" (tested with firefox 3.0). Great!

Tablet Buttons

Follow the Instructions on Tablet Hardware Buttons.

Wacom Stylus

You just have to activate the Tablet using Sax2 GUI. There is an information at the end of the Release Notes:

TabletPC Configuration: xsetwacom Parameters
Use the following xsetwacom Parameters now:
   *For normal orientation (0° rotation):
     xrandr -o 0 && xsetwacom set "Mouse[7]" RotateNONE
   *For 90° rotation (clockwise, portrait):
     xrandr -o 3 && xsetwacom set "Mouse[7]" Rotate CW
   *For 180° rotation (landscape):
     xrandr -o 2 && xsetwacom set "Mouse[7]" Rotate HALF
   *For 270° rotation (counterclockwise, portrait):
     xrandr -o 1 && xsetwacom set "Mouse[7]" Rotate CCW

In fact my 'device-adress' was "Mouse[5]".