Installing Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) on an X61 Tablet

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I have been anxiously waiting for Gusty to come out, so I could test it out on my my ThinkPad X61 Tablet. The day it was released, I downloaded it and installed it. The preliminary verdict, it went pretty smooth, video settings detected properly, wired and wireless connections work, sound works. More details forthcoming as I discover them.

Known Problems

  • If you don't have an UltraBase with an optical drive, installing can be a bit of a pain
  • Suspending/hibernating seems quirky, I'll investigate further.
  • Haven't got bluetooth working yet


The X61 does not have a built-in optical drive. That leaves you two choices for how to install, build a USB stick that you can boot from, or boot off the network. Since I already have another linux machine configured to support network boot clients, that's the option I choose. For this method, make sure you download the alternate image; I downloaded kubuntu-7.10-alternate-i386.iso.

-Still need detailed instructions about how to install using PXE

Enabling the Tablet

The wacom tablet on the X61 is detected by the installation, but disabled. You can enable it by editing your xorg.conf file.