Installing Fedora 7 on a ThinkPad T61p

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This is on a 14.1" T61P

  • Intel 4965 wireless : Works, but you need to compile the Intel Wireless Drivers yourself.
  • Nvidia Quadro FX 57M : Works, but you need to download the driver from Nvidia.
  • Fingerprint reader : Works mostly with Thinkfinger. It's a major pain doing an --aquire or --add-user without getting usb_bulk_read errors. Just keep trying and it will eventually work.
  • Brightness keys : Does not work when using Xorg + nVidia drivers. Works just fine from the VT.
  • Sound : Works using the Alsa CVS patch fix that others have used for the T61.
  • Suspend to ram : Works partially. Had to use s2ram with -f -a2. Resuming into Xorg fails (blank white screen) when using Beryl/Compiz Fusion.
  • Suspend to disk : Needed to add resume=your swap device. Resume into Xorg fails (backlight is on, but nothing appears) when the nVidia driver is loaded.

Moral of story is that the nVidia drivers are pretty buggy when dealing with suspend/restore.