Installing Fedora 7 on a ThinkPad T41

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Success Chart

Item Working Notes
Installation Local CD/DVD install yes
Network Installation yes
USB Installation unknown (should work)
Display Laptop Screen yes
CRT / Projector yes
DVI yes Requires port-replicator or dock with DVI
S-Video unknown
Power Management Software Suspend (hibernate) yes
Suspend to Memory (ACPI sleep) yes
Audio yes
Wireless 802.11 yes
Bluetooth yes
Extra Buttons Keyboard Section yes ibm-acpi driver
Ports Ethernet yes
Modem no Requires closed-source driver
Serial unknown (should work) Requires port-replicator or dock
IrDA unknown Device is detected
PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse unknown (should work) Requires port-replicator or dock
Parallel unknown (should work) Device is detected
USB yes
PCMCIA/Cardbus yes
Harddisk Active Protection unknown
Ultrabay device removal no Does not work out of the box

Tested and Verified on Fedora 7

Information in this section has been tested and verified using Fedora 7.


Installation is straight forward; you can use the generic install instructions here.


X Server

Basic X server functionality should work out of the box.

Desktop Effects

'Desktop Effects' cause screen corruption when enabled.

For me it worked great "out of the BOX (and Beryl as well)

Wireless Network

With the Intel wireless, it is working out of the box. But with the Atheros card you need the closed source Madwifi.

tpb/on-screen display

tpb, which controls the onscreen display of thinkpad buttons, is not installed by default.

To install tpb execute:

# yum install tpb

Once installed, just restart the X server. No further configuration is necessary.

Untested on Fedora 7