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Cannot find this info anywhere on Wiki:

The A,X, and T thinkpad series:

nits (candela)?? contrast ratio??

Does anyone have this info?

We don't have it here, yet. If we get to gather this kind of information, you'll probably find it on the Displays page. Wyrfel 22:48, 6 February 2006 (CET)

Thanks! do you yourself happen to know (even if not yet on your site) the nits of, say, the X22 or the A21 or T30?

No, sorry. Did you google? Wyrfel 02:24, 7 February 2006 (CET)

You bet I did & got nowhere fast. BTW, how about the X20 - since you own one? At issue is photosensitivity - which is why I'd appreciate any pointers re: which thinkpad displays are (generally) a softer look, and easy on the eyes of people who are sensitive? As long as it's CLEAR-soft (not blurry-soft) if you know what I mean... How about even the 600 series? The reason I'm up against a brick wall is because usually tech-people prefer facts. As soon as it touches on health topics, there's a wall of silence. Can't figure out why.

I started modifying the displays page. You'll find some info there, now, very little, though. However, the X20 has 150 nits on the 12.1 inch models. Interestingly, even though both my T41p and my X20 are specified with 150 nits, the T41p's display seems brighter.

Didn't get much info about the A series, though. I don't quite understand what exactly you are after. A brighter display can always be dimmed to be less bright, so you would still go for the brighter one. Also, higher resolutions are better in sence of sharpness, while lower resolutions and bigger screens can ease the experience for people with sight impairments. Also, you can adjust gamma settings in software. Wyrfel 04:12, 7 February 2006 (CET)

Checked out your displays page - way to go - well done! uh, meanwhile I've been finding out info elsewhere - a smart guy who seems to have a meter (I possibly can put you in touch w/him if you wish - hey, maybe you both can team up & crank out some accurate display info to countract the baloney out there) states that vendors' advertised values (including thinkpads) are off the mark. So for example, you're right, because according to his data the T41 model is approx. 10 points brighter than the X's. Also the TP-600 is 125cd/m. If I could email you (such as via a spamgourmet address) I'd further clarify. Anyway... thanks! BTW, re: what you say about solving the problem via dimming - I've proven that not to solve the problem - because no matter how much I've dimmed screens on certain LCDs, I still felt very ill, much more so than when I'd use an OLD CRT which wasn't even so ultra-dimmed. Which leads me to think it may be related to how worn out and old either phosphors or tubes are, regardless whether they're dimmed or not. And also, it may be related to the max-potency of each CCFL (or to the number of CCFLs within LCDs). Not sure - but I know I'm not the only one with this mystery which needs figuring out. (just Google for "lcd display discomfort" and you'll see. Also, btw, raising refresh-rate proved useless, prescription sunglasses ditto, backlighting ditto, zero-radiation-lcd (via Holaday meter) ditto... been there, done that, no dice.

R52 System board/motherboard

I need a TP R52 System board, the part number I'm told I need is the 42T0037. Does anyone have any idea if this number cross references to another part code as I have hit a dead end?