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STN display

STN stands for Super-Twisted Nematic display

Different variations of STN displays have been used in early ThinkPad models:

  • STN Monochrome
  • STN Color
  • DSTN (Dual-scan STN)
  • FRSTN (Fast Response STN)

STN, DSTN and FRSTN Displays as found in ThinkPads

Actual Display Panel ThinkPad Models
Size Resolution FRU Brightness1 Contrast Manufacturer Model
STN monochrome display
7.24 640x480 500
9.5 640x480 350, 355, 360, 550BJ, 700, 710T, 720, 730T, 730TE, 750
10 640x480 700T
DSTN monochrome display
9.4 640x480 340
STN color display
7.7 640x480 220, 510CS
9.5 640x480 750P
10.3 640x480 555BJ
DSTN color display
4.7 640x480 PC110
7.8 640x480 230CS
9.5 640x480 360CSE, 360CS, 360P, 360PE, 750CS, 755CS
10.4 640x480 345CS, 365CS, 365CSD, 365E, 365ED, 755CSE
10.4 640x480 04H8333 SHARP LM64C362 701CS
10.4 800x600 365X, 365XD
11.3 800x600 310, 310D, 365X, 365XD, 560, 560E, 760EL
12.1 800x600 310E, 310ED, 380, 380D, 385D
FRSTN color display
12.1 800x600 380E, 380ED, 385ED

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  1. Brightness is given in nits, i.e. cd/m2.