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What refresh-rate can I use on the flatpanel display? The RedHat GUI sets it at 60Hz but the description of the graphics card indicates 75Hz for the external VGA display and gives no details about the flatpanel display.

Also, mine is currently set to something like 93x90 DPI but I'm guessing that 91 DPI is closer to the right value to use. Could someone add this information to the specifications details? I looked at the PDF manual but didn't see any of this information there, either.

I'm trying to write a /etc/X11/XF86Config file with the right parameters and having limited success. The documentation I've seen is completely nocommittal about what parameters there are and what they do.

60Hz is what you need to select for any flatpanel display, selecting higher values is asking for problems.
LCD displays do not have the flicker of CRT displays, so do not worry about having to select a high refresh rate.

Regarding the DPI, DPI means Dots-Per-Inch, so just measure the width and height of the display (if measured in centimeter, just divide by 2.54 to get inches), and divide by the number of pixels (a 1024x768 display has 1024 pixels in width and 768 pixels in height), which will give you the DPI value.

My 14.1" 1400x1050 display is 28.6cm in width and 21.6cm in height.

1400 / (28.6 / 2.54) = 124.33 DPI in width
1050 / (21.6 / 2.54) = 123.47 DPI in height

System board compatibility for t41 models?

I have a t41 type 2373 which is experiencing the "garbled screen" behavior as discussed here:

Am thinking of replacing the system board and have found a board from a t41 type 2374. My question is are the system boards for the 2373 and 2374 interchangeable?

Thank you.