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Is somebody here, who has already installed Linux on a T400? e.g. Ubuntu 8.10? Would you like to make an HowTo Install?


Yes, I've installed Fedora 10 yesterday. Few days ago I couldn't, because Intel integrated graphics just become supported. I've used fresh rawhide boot.iso and installed via network.

I don't know what's the situation with Ubuntu 8.10, but generally Ubuntu ships old version of software, so it has small chance of working on recent hardware like T400. --zdzichu 11:12, 21 October 2008 (CEST)

I have installed Ubuntu 8.10 rc today! It's no big deal, everything works out of the box, except the thinkfinger. There is a new chipset build in, the AuthenTec AES2810, which is not supportet with libpam-thinkfinger 0.3+r118-0ubuntu3. Is it working with Fedora? For using the ThinkVantage Button i edited the /usr/share/hotkey-setup/ an added "setkeycodes e017 148 #thinkpad button".

But i have not tried to start with the ATI graphics yet. Edit: I posted my hard work of today on an german board - tried to enable switchable graphics!