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Why is there a link to frequency scaling? With recent kernels there is still no way to use speedstep with the r30 (because of the chipset) The R30 as well doesn't have a tpm or tcpa chip...

Are you sure about this? I spent quite some time gathering information about which models have or don't have the security chip. There are quite varying infos in the net. If you are sure that NO R30 model has a TPM/TCPA chip, feel free to remove the category entry.

Concerning the frequency scaling...did you read the page about coppermine-piix-based ThinkPads? Does this apply to the R30? If not, feel free to remove the R30s category entry from the frequency scaling page as well. 11:47, 26 Feb 2005 (CET)

Heat Problems

There are no links to anything covering heat.

Mine heats up, alot, under any load (compiling, DVD playback etc) in any OS that I've tried.

It's set at 1GHz, This seems standard so I don't think it's overclocked.

The heat sink & small pipes all heat up so it's pulling the heat off the CPU but it just can't get the heat out of the laptop fast enough.

I can't find anyone else with heat problem IRL or on google, but it really appears to be a design fault.

I'm hoping to add this info somewhere to help out rather than use the wiki as a complaints forum, but of course anyone who's also had this problem woudl be useful.

help, flames, anything to